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The Mediterranean Honey Charter

The Mediterranean Honey Charter

One of the most important results of the VII Mediterranean Beekeeping Forum in Tunisia was the presentation and approval of the Charter of Mediterranean Honeys, produced by APIMED working group. The Mediterranean Honey Charter was realized on the basis of the following specific objectives:

  • Definition of Mediterranean honey
  • Identification of its quality parameters
  • Definition of the functional meaning of such parameters
  • Quantification of the values (minimum and maximum) that such parameters should present

This document has an historic relevance making the Mediterranean honeys uniform to the European standards. The Charter defines the Mediterranean honeys according to their nature and origin (exclusively from bees and the plants visited by them), the composition (just natural elements collected and elaborated by bees) and the main qualitative aspects (minimum and maximum thresholds of the indicators). All of this represents a relevant step towards the development of beekeeping sector in the Mediterranean, contributing to the following objectives:
• To improve the socio-economic conditions of the Mediterranean beekeepers;
• To increase the opportunities of development and the competitiveness level of the local producers;
• To increase the transparency of the internal markets and to contrast honey commercialization of uncertain quality and origin in the Mediterranean area;
To these links you can read and download the Mediterranean Honeys Charter in French, English and Arabic language:

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  • Mediterranean Honey Charter download

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