About us


The Mediterranean Beekeepers Association is the first trade association which offers assistance, consultancy, technical and professional support from a local to an international level.

At the moment, FED API MED assembles territorial cooperatives and associations of the following countries: Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, Albany and Palestine.


  • To increase and improve the organizational level of beekeepers' associations and cooperatives.

  • To protect the typicalness and naturalness of their partners' production on national and foreign markets.

  • To sponsor and support every initiative for the development and the protection of beekeeping, not only as a production activity but also as an activity fundamental for the biodiversity defence.

  • Environmental protection and human development.
  • To realize promotional initiatives of international significance to allow the most different forms of collaboration between individuals interested in bees and beekeeping.

Our Partners

UNDP Brussels

United Nations Development Programme

INAT Tunisia

National Agronomy Institute - Tunis

DIPSA Dipartimento Scienze Agrarie

University of Bologna