Mediterranean Beekeeping Forum

Mediterranean Beekeeping Forum – MBF was born in Foligno in 2007 thanks to an initiative of APAU, Bee Producers Association Umbria, Felcos Umbria and the Municipality of Foligno, with the support of the UNDP's ART initiative, in line with the neighbourhood policy promoted by the European Union towards the Middle Eastern and African Countries which faces the Mediterranean Sea and with the Union's most recent political initiative for the Mediterranean area.

Mediterranean Beekeeping Forum represents, since its birth, an important and unique chance of dialogue and comparison between Mediterranean beekeepers and their networks, and it has brought to the strengthening of an alliance of associations and cooperatives of apiarian producers (for a total of 23 members coming from eleven different Countries: France, Spain, Morocco, Malta, Algeria, Tunisia, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Albania and Italy), and to the involvement of the different research institutes, public authorities and local, national and international organizations.


Vincenzo panettieri

President of Mediterranean Beekeeping Forum

Vincenzo Panettieri
President of Mediterranean Beekeeping Forum

CooBEEration project

Meeting in Tunisia (1st-6th June 2014) during the institutional mission of Felcos Umbria and Apimed concerning the Mediterranean CooBEEration.

The international Coobeeration project involves several Mediterranean Countries aiming for the cooperation between different peoples and the study of the bees' role in biodiversity safeguard.


Mediterranean CooBEEration is a project started in February 2014 and which, in a three-year activity, will involve several Countries like Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Palestinian territories, Italy and other Nations which face the Mediterranean Sea, to support beekeeping and its key role in the biodiversity safeguard, the improvement of food security and the socio-economic development. The partners of the project, co-financed by the European Commission, are Felcos Umbria (Fund of local authorities for off-centre cooperation and sustainable human development), Apimed (Mediterranean Beekeepers Association), Undp (United Nations Development Programme), Dipsa (Department of Agricultural Sciences) of the University di Bologna and Inat (National Agronomic Institute of Tunisia).