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Survey form on beekeeping

Name of the Country: Palestine
Numbers of beekeepers: 1.000
% Of professional beekeepers: 30%
% Of pluriactive and amatorial beekeepers: 70%
Number of hives. 250.000
Types of hives: Italian, Italian hybrid, a local bee
Average production per hive: 6kg
Sedentary beekeeping: Yes
Transhumant beekeeping: Yes
Average distance of transhumance: 25 km
National production of honey: 1.250 tons
Domestic consumption: All domestic
Average consumption per inhabitant:1 kg per month
Exported production: no
Diversity of honey products: all the savage floers, chestnut, heater; Honey mountains, coast Honey, Honey Sidr and from the city of Jericho
Pollination of crops: good
Production of pollen: Does not produce pollen in the beehives Palestinian
Production of Royal Jelly: The quantities produced by the beekeepers of royal jelly are not commercial

Intoxication problems: Yes. There is no coordination when a farmer spraying crops with beekeepers
If yes, which are the crops at risks?: Death prepared a large crop of bees and queens sometimes death

Other characteristics of the beekeeping of the Country: The city of Jericho, the best area in the world of beekeeping in the winter because it is the lowest city in the world".


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