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Survey form on beekeeping

Name of the Country: Najaf, Iraq
Numbers of beekeepers: 108
% Of professional beekeepers: 28%
% Of pluriactive beekeepers: 24%
% Of amatorial beekeepers: 48%
Number of hives: 2.340
Types of hives: modern
Average production per hive: 8 kg
Sedentary beekeeping: 55%
Transhumant beekeeping: 45%
National production of honey: 23.000 in the province of Najaf only
Domestic consumption: 100%
Average consumption per inhabitant: 17 g
Exported production: 0
Diversity of honey products: all the savage floers, chestnut, heater; Aokalpm, Sidr, clover, thorns, wild flowers
Pollination of crops: There is no statistical information and is a beekeeper who pays the wages of the farmer to meet the bees put on the farm
Production of pollen: 0
Production of Royal Jelly: very few
Intoxication problems: There Kthirmen poisoning problems
If yes, which are the crops at risks?: (Qthaiaat, citrus)

Other characteristics of the beekeeping of the Country: beekeepers need a lot of new guidelines that have special Ataatovr how the production of pollen and royal food and recycling wax and wax etc.

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