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• To defend the economic interests of the value chain;
• To protect the bees;
• To aware the collectivity on the relevant role of the bee;
• To gather and represent the beekeepers;
• To promote the beekeeping products and their quality;
• To initiate and train new beekeepers;
• To accommodate the people at the Paris headquarter;

Name of the Country: France;
Numbers of beekeepers: more than 70.000;
% Of professional beekeepers: 2,8%, about 2.000 but they own almost the 50% of the French livestock (beekeepers that have more than 150 beehives);
% Of pluriactive: 5%, beekeepers that have from 30 to 150 beehives;
% of amatorial: 93%, beekeepers that have less than 10 beehives;

Number of hives: between 1.200.000 and 1.300.000 beehives;

Types of hives: Dadant, Langstroth, Voirnot, Warré, Layens;

Average production per hive: between 10 and 20 kg;

Sedentary beekeeping: Yes;
Transhumant beekeeping: Yes;

Average distance of transhumance: from 100 to 200 km;
National production of honey: between 15.000 and 17.000 tons per year;
Domestic consumption: about 40.000 tons per year;
Average consumption per inhabitant: about 600 grams per year;
Diversity of honey products: wildflowers, colza, sunflower, chestnut, lime, thyme, mountain, deal, forest, acacia, rosemary, lavender, hawthorn;

Pollination of crops: Yes;

Pollen production: Yes but scarce;
Royal jelly production: about 2 tons per year;
Intoxication problems: Yes;
If yes, which are the crops at risks: in the biggest cultures (corn, colza, sunflower..);
Other characteristics of the country: half of the honey is commercialized by the beekeepers through direct selling; a great popularity for the beekeeper; Numerous beekeeping schools;


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