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Association of Apiculture of El-Gharbiya    

Numbers of beekeepers:   50.000  
% of professional beekeepers:   25.000  
% of pluriactive beekeepers:   15.000  
% of amatorial beekeepers:   10.000  
Numbero of hives   2.000.000  
Types of hives: Langsthrot

Sedentary beekeeping: rare
Transhumant beekeeping: about 60%
Average distance of transhumance: 200 km
National production of honey: 30.000 tons per year
Domestic consumption: 28.000 tons per year
Average consumption per inhabitant: ----
Exported production: 2000 tons per year of honey and one million of package of bees .
Diversity of honey products: All the savage flowers, chestnut, heater.
Pollination of crops: 100%
Production of pollen:    
100 tons
Production of Royal Jelly:   1 ton per year
Intoxication problems:   yes) severly
If yes, which are the crops at risks? Using pesticides by most crops
Other characteristics of the beekeeping of the Country: suffering from diseases and insects .

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