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NEKTARI Association of Beekeepers


Name of the Country: Albania

Numbers of beekeepers: 5.600

% of professional beekeepers: 11%

% of pluriactive beekeepers: 44%

% of amatorial beekeepers: 45%

Number of hives: 100.000

Types of hives: European

Average production per hive: 16kg

Sedentary beekeeping: Yes

Transhumant beekeeping: Yes

Average distance of transhumance: 30-35km

National production of honey: 3.000 ton

Domestic consumption: 2950 ton

Average consumption per inhabitant: 1kg

Exported production: 50ton

Diversity of honey products: all the savage floers, chestnut, heater, (Yes? Which
Sage: Honey
Oregano: Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly
Thyme: Honey
Rosemary: Honey
Nettle: Wax
Raspberry Honey
Mullein: Honey, Royal Jelly
Blueberry: Propolis

Production of pollen: no information

Production of Royal Jelly: 60kg total

Intoxication problems: Air pollution, pesticides, acid raining…
If yes, which are the crops at risks? Thyme, rosemary, mullein, blueberry, olive, chicory, alba flower

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